About Us

What we do and how we do it.

Everyone enjoys to use genuine components. You always know what to expect from them. You can rely on them. As long as you stay in defined limits - you know exactly what you are getting. Now days in a pursuit of cheep parts a lot of people source them from gray markets, online discount stores like EBay and AliExpress or simply cannibalizing from retired equipment. Any of this ways has the right to exist. Now, imagine you want to build something you can rely on. Something with predictable behavior. Even something simple like LED where you need to have specific color temperature and brightness. Getting it from EBay will be always a good challenge. Even if you locate and order the components - it may take a significant amount of time for the parcel to arrive. Sometime the parcels get lost or you simply become a victim of a fraud when the vendor is simply selling stock which will never be mailed to you.

On another hand, quite often you are in the middle of a project and find out that some components are missing. You can do your shopping around and finally find what you need. Sometimes it can be a product from the shelf and you pay premium price for it, sometimes it can be found online and you have to deal with heavy delivery times or/and prices and you end up buying goods you either think will need at some point or quantities you may need in a future just running for a better price per item. Anyways you end up with the surplus stock taking your shelf space and money you had to pay for it.

What we are offering - a cooperation, when people place their orders through us. We do the bulk purchase and deliver (or you can even pick up) exactly what you need. You don't have to buy any extras. We will store and offer for sale excess on this website and if you or anyone else needs the components - they will be almost instantly available (we still need to compile your order for you). We are talking about hours, not weeks.

Another very important point you have to consider is mix-and-match pricing. Almost any electronic components store offers you price breakdown based on the quantity you are buying. It is applicable to each individual component. We are offering you the similar prices breakdowns, but across similar type items. Let's say you need 12 1/4W resistors for 680 Ohm 5%, 10 1/4 resistors for 1 Ohm 1% and 3 10000µF 6.3V Aluminum Capacitors. We will treat them as a purchase of 25 passive components and "bulk" pricing will be offered. Restrictions apply, especially for "exotic components". Read here for more details.

If you can locate needed components on our website with enough quantities in stock - just add them into the shopping cart and we will be back to you with the final price calculations and availability confirmation. If you wish to order something we don't have on hands - please contact us via Skype ECPool Support or send us email on sales at ecpool dot ca providing manufacture product codes and quantities and we will be back to you as soon as possible.

Let's get the most from our mutual hobby spending less.